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Why Superhero Gifts Can Be Healthy For Toddlers
When we think of gifts for toddlers, many (if not all) parents include toys like action figures or barbies, learning games, crayons, maybe some video games? For the most part, we hope that the gifts our young children receive contribute something positive to their life.


Superhero Gifts for Girls
Is it that time of the year already? Yes! Yes, it is. And for all the cool moms and dads that are looking for some awesome gift ideas, the SuperMe Hero team has you covered. 


The Ninja Backpack Takes Over Halloween
It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s actually a super ninja backpack! Halloween is in a few days and we’re seeing a lot of super heroes making their way to the front doors of our homes asking for tricks and treats.


SuperME presents: Personalized Gifts for Toddlers
Personalized gifts are exceptionally popular for toddlers because, what’s better than a gift? A gift that is designed just for you! The season for giving is a few short weeks away. 


SuperME Backpack – The Perfect Gift For Toddlers
The toddler years are an exhilarating stage for both, children and parents. It is the foundation of childhood, a time when parents begin to see how remarkable being a part of a child’s formative years can be.


Toddler Halloween Costumes: The SuperME Backpack
It’s an exciting season for toddlers, especially with Halloween creeping up. There’s decorations, costume parties and their all-time favorite, trick-or-treating! Halloween is the one time of the year that every child can dress up as a something or someone with astonishing super powers.
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