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The Ninja Backpack Takes Over Halloween

October 2015 | Ivan Vargas

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s actually a super ninja backpack! Halloween is in a few days and we’re seeing a lot of super heroes making their way to the front doors of our homes asking for tricks and treats. Where do they hide all these sugary treats? Some of them of them have baskets, others are holding the traditional pumpkin bucket but there’s a special bag that kids are running around with. Attached right under their gray ninja cape is their personalized Ninja Graffiti backpack made by SuperMe Hero.

We all know that superheroes are here to save the world and that’s why these backpacks are made of eco-friendly, insulating EVA materials; making this backpack incredibly resistant to accidental spills on the outside while keeping halloween treats safe and fresh on the inside. All those Ninja kicks can tire out any hero, so keep a small juice or water bottle on the left-side pocket for quick access!

And why limit your ninja backpack to Halloween? Other children wear their costume once or twice, then throw it to the back of a closet and collects dust. Our little ninja’s simply fold there cape back inside and use their backpack all year round! Use it to carry coloring books during their travels, snacks for family picnics or wear it to play dress up games with all their friends.

This halloween, the ninja backpacks are taking over. Kids are running across yards, jumping over puddles, rolling down grass hills and crawling under beds with their ninja backpacks; confidently showing everyone around them that super powers do exist. Easy to carry, fun to wear and celebrities love them! Just look at Kourtney Kardashian’s son giggling away his day, enjoying the perks of being a swift kid ninja.

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