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Kids’ Backpacks: A Thanksgiving Travel Checklist

November 2015 | Ivan Vargas

Packing the Essentials for Your Upcoming Trip

The holidays officially start next week … HOORAY! Let’s all get in the spirit and enjoy what the upcoming season has in store for us. Many families have plans to hit the road and explore during vacation days. Your destination may be full of activities for the kids but the journey will be as exciting (or as stressful) as you make it. If you want to hear less sighs of “Are we there yet?”, then we recommend packing some of these essentials inside your SuperMe Hero Backpack.


Books or comics:
Whether it’s picture books or small stories, books are a great way to keep the kids both entertained and engaged in a learning experience. Try picking them out at the nearest bookstore with your child so that they have something to look forward to during the trip.

Travel Games:
Hey Mom & Dad, some of us are a little too active for books! Check the travel section at a toy store. You can pack small travel games like puzzles, picture bingo or magnetic tic-tac-toe.

Sketch pad or scrapbook:
Traveling usually inspires the best of us to get creative. Pack a sketchbook if your little one loves to doodle or draw. Scrapbooks are also a fun way for parents to bond over the trip. Collect stamps or small maps of the places traveled and create a fun memory scrapbook of the entire travel experience.

Crayons or Colored Pencils:
What’s an artist without his or her tools? Our world is a colorful place and our children may want to draw their own unique memories using the brightest colors. A small box of crayons can fit perfectly in your child’s backpack. Colored pencils are great but don’t forget to pack a sharpener!

Small packaged snacks:
Why was 10 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9 [insert giggles here]. Let’s face it, we all get a little hungry during our travels. Best ways to avoid sad tummies is to pack a few snacks. A small pack of goldfish, pretzels or trail mix should help kids feel full until your next rest stop or until you land.

Sippy cup or reusable water bottle:
Whether you’re traveling on the road or hopped on a plane across the country, the chances of accidental spills are 100%. We can avoid those by letting your kids travel with their favorite sippy cup or refillable water bottle. When they need a little hydration, help them fill up their cup with juice or water so that they can refresh themselves comfortably (and without needing a change of clothes!)

Blankets & Small Pillows:
If there is one thing that any one needs during long trips, it’s naps! Lots of naps. When the little ones start dozing off, Superme Hero pillow capes can literally save the day! If you’re traveling to a destination with chilly weather, these fleece pillow capes will keep them warm and comfy while they recharge.

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