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Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holidays are back and if you haven’t started your gift shopping already, it’s getting down to the wire. At a loss with what to get younger grade school-aged kids?...


Choosing the Best Gift
A couple of months back I gave a birthday gift that hit perfectly – my friend was happy for days and kept saying thank you. I had remembered that she saw something when we walked around about 6 months earlier that she really wanted to buy. Honestly? It felt great! I can only wish that all my gifts hit so close to home.


4 Times Celebrities Showed Their Love for SuperMe Hero Backpacks
We’ve all seen Kourtney Kardashians Son, Mason, make unforgettable cameos on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. During one episode, this little superstar was spotted rocking his SuperME! Ninja Cape Backpack and mask. And if you’re wondering, Kourtney made sure to personalize all his SuperME gear with his name.


Gifts that Your Kids Will Always Remember
The best gifts aren’t always a physical thing. Here, at Superme Hero, our philosophy is helping our children grow by teaching them and encouraging them to be the best self they can be.


Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals: Cool Gifts for Kids
If you are looking for some magical deals on cool gifts for kids, then head on over to SuperMe Hero. Enjoy 25% off using their special Black Friday promo code. This weekend, your pockets will not fall victim to the overspending kryptonite. As parents, it’s hard to find unique gifts for your kids every year.


Kids’ Backpacks: A Thanksgiving Travel Checklist
The holidays officially start next week … HOORAY! Let’s all get in the spirit and enjoy what the upcoming season has in store for us. Many families have plans to hit the road and explore during vacation days.
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