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SuperME presents: Personalized Gifts for Toddlers

October 2014 | Ivan Vargas

Personalized gifts are exceptionally popular for toddlers because, what’s better than a gift? A gift that is designed just for you! The season for giving is a few short weeks away. You may or may not have begun thinking about the toys your little one will be unwrapping but we have some fascinating additions to your list!

The SuperME Backpack:

The SuperME backpack is a superhero backpack with a built-in cape, eye mask and a personalized badge that will give your toddler the opportunity to display all the unique superhero qualities he or she has within. It is made out of a lightweight, neoprene EVA material, which makes it not only environmentally safe but also easy to clean! Your little superhero will be able to safely hold all of his or her snacks and favorite gadgets while he or she is out playing dress up games with other toddlers.

The SuperME Pillow Cape:

The SuperME pillow cape will offer your little superhero something he or she can wear to play or to sleep! After a long day of superhero games, your little one can unzip the fuzzy pillow and bring out the warm cape. Your naps will no longer be delayed; snuggly car rides home will always be possible with the SuperME pillow cape. It also includes a superhero mask and superhero hand warmers.


Personalizing the gift for your toddler:

What makes the SuperME gifts truly captivating is the personalization. Beginning with the diverse color schemes you can choose from. Having the freedom to express your originality is one of the exhilarating parts of your childhood. With the SuperME backpack, your toddler can walk around confidently wearing all of his or her favorite colors. That can mean blue, pink, black, green, zebra or camo print for those superheroes that want to blend in. Both, the backpack and pillow cape, include a Velcro shield shaped patch that can be personalized with your own superhero identity and symbol. The patch is interchangeable; order a few different patches and modify your hero name as many times as you want. Or you can always share these spectacular toys with younger siblings and order a separate personalized patch for them to feel just as magical as the rest.


The power of SuperME Hero gifts:

Nothing fills our hearts with joy more than seeing our children enjoying their life. Together with the fun games that your little one will be engaging in, The SuperME backpack and pillow cape are sure to bring many memorable moments filled with giggles, spontaneity and the enchantment of feeling like your very own superhero.

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