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Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021

December 2021 | Ram Bartov

The holidays are back and if you haven’t started your gift shopping already, it’s getting down to the wire. At a loss with what to get younger grade school-aged kids? You’re not alone, This can definitely be challenging, especially because kids seem like they want everything and nothing at the same time. It pays to know what a kid likes and what they have going on in their lives. 

One thing we’ve all gone through, of course, is being cooped up inside. As we slowly and carefully make our way back outside, cautiously beginning to take part in group activities and social events, seek out gifts that encourage being active and doing things together. Here is a list of some great holiday gifts for kids who are eager to get back out there and DO! 

Jump Ropes, Chalk, Basketballs and Sports Gear

Whatever gets your kids outside and utilizing your driveway or sidewalk space, THESE make great stocking stuffers. It’s important to make sure your kids are unplugging, spending time outdoors and moving around. These are simple items that we all remember playing with when we were young that should be continued and passed on. These types of toys help kids connect with other kids in the neighborhood as they have fun right outside your home while still getting out their energy by doing cardio or being creative. Jump ropes and chalk = double dutch and Hopscotch! Basketballs, footballs, baseballs and soccer balls = energy burning games that allow them to get their pent up energy out on something fun and productive. 

Swim Goggles, Swimsuits and Snorkels 

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities we can all benefit from but especially kids. It’s another way for them to add physical activity to their routine. Swim Goggles are an essential accessory because pool water and ocean water alike both have bacteria that can be irritants to the eyes. Also, the sun’s UV rays can cause damage.

Gift kids that love to swim with a fun, cute pair of swim goggles that protects their eyes as they swim. Giggly Goggles from DaphDaph are uniquely made. Designed by a mom, these swim goggles for kids are padded with soft neoprene featuring fun, colorful designs. They secure around the eyes well, never letting water in while also being ultra-comfortable in ways that won’t pull kids’ hair or leave marks. Lastly, these goggles also protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. You get all this in one and can even customize the goggles by having a name or word printed on the back of them. 

Athletic Wear & Shoes 

Kids are constantly outgrowing clothes and shoes as they grow. During the times we’ve all been in quarantine, many kids have likely outgrown several sizes in tees, shorts, sneakers and other apparel. Plus, now that many kids are heading back out, we can’t forget that trends in fashion keep on moving. You can’t go wrong by gifting kids clothes that they can be active in. Think shorts, tees, sneakers and hoodies; for girls that like to dance or do yoga, think cute sports bras and legging sets. 

Skates, Skateboards, and Bikes

Staying in the outdoorsy spirit, These gifts are no-brainers. Encourage fun days around the neighborhood and mini bike gangs rolling around the block. It’s easier to get kids to unplug if they have something fun to do together. Even if they don’t know how, gifting them either a skateboard, a pair of skates or a bike will definitely make them want to learn! 

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