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Why Superhero Gifts Can Be Healthy For Toddlers

November 2015 | Ivan Vargas

When we think of gifts for toddlers, many (if not all) parents include toys like action figures or barbies, learning games, crayons, maybe some video games? For the most part, we hope that the gifts our young children receive contribute something positive to their life. Toddlers are at an age where they are trying to make sense of the world and curious to find what their role is. They are also facing the many challenges that come with learning new skills like: making friends, being polite, knowing the ABC’s and counting to ten. Sometimes, this can all become overwhelming for children. They may feel scared and small in such a big world.

Research has shown that Superhero play helps toddlers find an inner sense of courage. Using their creativity and imagination, playing superhero allows young kids to explore different ways of handling conflict, overcoming obstacles and feeling confident. And it’s not always about mystical super powers. For example – let’s take a look at Batman. Batman or Bruce (the man behind the hero), wasn’t born with special x-ray vision, mind-reading capabilities or telekinesis. Batman is a hero because he fights evil, protects the good and saves lives. Those are both things that toddlers can learn when they throw on their SuperMe Hero Backpack.

Small kids may not understand fully that heroes exist everywhere around us. They may not have super-human abilities like flying but they possess qualities like determination and kindness. Doctors, policemen and firefighters all have an important and impactful role in our society but toddlers see them as just regular people. Dressing up as a superhero will help kids believe in themselves and allow them to realize they have the power to make positive changes in the real world. Although they may not have the physical strength to rescue a person in need, it’s the small moments of courage that build character. Moments like calling 911 during an emergency or sticking up for a friend who may be getting bullied.

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