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Gifts that Your Kids Will Always Remember

December 2015 | Ivan Vargas

The best gifts aren’t always a physical thing. Here, at Superme Hero, our philosophy is helping our children grow by teaching them and encouraging them to be the best self they can be. Our backpacks are more than a luggage or a costume. The Superme Hero cape backpack is a multi-layer gift and below we have listed 20 things your children can learn or cultivate with the cape backpacks.

Learning the value of honesty and integrity in the childhood development stage is important. Being honest is one of the greatest characteristics any superhero, whether big or small, can have. This is something that your children will not only practice for years but will also remember who taught them how to be an honest person.

The world we live in was built by people who allowed their imagination to inspire them. The Superme Backpacks themselves were created using a large amount of imagination. When children are encouraged to imagine, we raise a society that can make big changes in our world.

Would a superhero really be a “superhero” if he or she didn’t practice generosity. When children learn to be generous they eventually realize that having a giving spirit is rewarding. With a cape backpack, children are motivated to share things like toys, crayons and games with their peers.

Love and Family
Every superhero was raised amongst a family who provided the love and support they needed to become a hero. When your child unwraps a box to find a personalized backpack with a mask and a cape, they are witnessing first hand what unconditional love is and how valuable family is.

We all have good days and bad days. There a moments when we know exactly what we’re doing followed by moments frustration and defeat. Without optimism and positivity, a hero wouldn’t be able to achieve everything he or she does. Sometimes the optimism lies within faith of knowing that with your cape, anything is possible!

It’s okay to make mistakes
No one is perfect and it’s hard for children to understand that even Superman makes mistakes. Kids will be kids but that is what makes them so fun and special. Dressing up with one of the cape backpacks may give them the room to explore and learn through trial error which is all part of the growing process. Mistakes are no reason to throw your cape away. Instead of giving up, superheroes learn from their first try and build the courage to do it again until they get it right.

As children, we all faced many challenges. Some of us were shy, or too hyper, or found reading difficult to learn. It’s easy to become frustrated and hide from the world. Having a little superhero alias can help your kids through the challenges and find the inner strength to overcome future obstacles.

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