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4 Times Celebrities Showed Their Love for SuperMe Hero Backpacks

December 2015 | Ivan Vargas

Kardashians made the list twice!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

We’ve all seen Kourtney Kardashians Son, Mason, make unforgettable cameos on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. During one episode, this little superstar was spotted rocking his SuperME! Ninja Cape Backpack and mask. And if you’re wondering, Kourtney made sure to personalize all his SuperME gear with his name.

Kylie Jenner is a fan too!

Not too long ago, Kylie Jenner posted a picture on her instagram account showing Mason’s second SuperMe Cape Backpack. Although you can only see legs in this picture, our eyes are drawn to the camouflage bag beneath their feet. And of course this backpack was also personalized with a fun, matching patch. Seems like the Kylie & Mason were on their way somewhere ready to showcase the trendy camouflage cape backpack. If there is one thing that the Kardashians never forget at home, it’s style!

Saved by the Bell – The SuperME sequel

Remember Tiffani Thiessen? The sweet cheerleader from 90s sitcom “Saved By the Bell” (She was also on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ but who’s keeping track?) – Anyway, Tiffani’s adorable little girl Harper was spotted having a blast with her new Bubblicious Cape backpack and the matching mask! Whoever said superhero gifts are only for boys is probably not part of little Miss Thiessen’s circle of friends. Harper is showing the world how special her superpowers are.

Debra Messing & The Mysteries of Laura

We’re not sure who’s a bigger fan of SuperMe cape backpacks – Debra Messing or the Producers of ‘The Mysteries of Laura’. The NBC show follows a woman (played by Debra) with two children who is striving to balance her career with her family life. Between scenes, someone snapped a quick picture of a few little cast members wearing their SuperMe Hero masks. We’re guessing it was a fun day on set for these two boys.
Want to become part of this list? Don’t forget to take advantage of all the holiday specials on SuperMe backpacks and pillow capes; then snap some fun photos and send them to us so we can put together a post with all our favorites fans!

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