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Superhero Gifts for Girls

November 2015 | Ivan Vargas

Make this holiday season all about girl power

Is it that time of the year already? Yes! Yes, it is. And for all the cool moms and dads that are looking for some awesome gift ideas, the SuperMe Hero team has you covered. We love our boys, but today it’s all about girl power. The SuperMe Hero cape backpacks will have your little girl yelling BAM! POW! all through the holidays. Why should this backpack top your list? Just read below…

Superheroes are for girls too!

We live in a world where there aren’t enough girl superheroes. We need to allow our girls to embrace their inner super powers and let them know that they can defend our world too. They can fearlessly lead without having to pretend they’re superman or batman (not that there is anything wrong with that but girls can save the world wearing whatever they want – not just blue and black)

They’re Super Cute (and SUPER AWESOME!)

Kids have an incredible imagination. Although the backpack comes with a built in cape and a mask, it can be just a really awesome backpack. It’s all about the transformation, fold the cape inside and place the mask in it’s designated pocket; or become Super Girl in a few seconds. So really, it’s a all in one kind of gift. The SuperMe Hero backpacks let our girls stylishly travel to their friend’s house, school, parties, or even to the grocery store with mommy. They can pack a few toys to share with friends or even play dress up games with all their friends.

Personalized Gifts Rock

Okay, so here is the EXTRA* cool part. Being a Superhero means, you get to have a Super Badge… If you want to personalize the whole experience for your little girl, then you can order a personalized velcro patch for the backpack. Put her initials, her name or nickname… make it fun! Super Girl will be ready for her first debut when she opens her own unique superhero gift.

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