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Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals: Cool Gifts for Kids

November 2015 | Ivan Vargas

Superheroes Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get to Save!

If you are looking for some magical deals on cool gifts for kids, then head on over to SuperMe Hero. Enjoy 25% off using their special Black Friday promo code. This weekend, your pockets will not fall victim to the overspending kryptonite. As parents, it’s hard to find unique gifts for your kids every year. Toys and games have a relatively short life cycle with young children; Quickly making their way to a cozy spot in a closet or storage room. Below are some of our most popular super hero items that are sure to keep your toddlers entertained all year round.

Superhero Backpacks with a Cape

Do these really need any explanation? It may not be back to school season, but playtime just got a little more fun. A multi-functional, lightweight backpack that allows kids to carry their most valuable items in style. They can unload their backpack, pull out the hidden cape and eye mask then fly high with their friends as they play superhero dress up games.

Superhero themed Pillow

Traveling doesn’t have to be a bore. With the SuperMe Hero pillow capes, long car rides or flights may become something your toddler can look forward to. The pillow capes were created to make a travel distance magical. Whether they’re used as a comfy nap accessory or snuggly blanket for chilly environments, this gift can fit any toddler’s travel style. Lay your head on the fleece pillow for a quick snooze, then unzip the pillow to tug out the reversible cape to keep your superhero warm.


Superhero Belt

Here is a cool way to create a few extra pockets when we need to carry smaller items. Leave your backpack at home and use the SuperMe Hero Utility belt. Throw in some sunglasses in the front pock, a ipod or small snacks inside the pouch and a few crayons in the side holders. Keep the eye mask on if you want show your friends your super powers. With or without a cape, every superhero needs a special place to hold and organize their favorite “on-the-go” accessories.

“Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart” – Winnie the Pooh

Personalize it!

What makes the SuperMe Hero collection such a unique gift option is the personalized patches! Let your little ones express their individuality by personalizing the SuperMe patch. You can put their name, initials, nickname or super secret superhero name on the patch. Check out all the custom fun patches here!

Whichever you choose, shop smart and enjoy all the incredible SuperMe black friday and cyber monday savings. You don’t have to break the bank to make this holiday season spectacular. Happy Thanksgiving from the SuperMe Hero family to yours! 

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