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Toddler Halloween Costumes: The SuperME Backpack

October 2014 | Ivan Vargas

A Timeless Superhero Gift for Boys and Girls

It’s an exciting season for toddlers, especially with Halloween creeping up. There’s decorations, costume parties and their all-time favorite, trick-or-treating! Halloween is the one time of the year that every child can dress up as a something or someone with astonishing super powers. If your toddler hasn’t brought up costume ideas yet, they’re probably quietly (or not so quietly) brainstorming on what will make them stand out from the rest of their peers. As a Super Mom or Super Dad, it’s only fair for your little one to run around as the greatest superhero to have ever lived.

So why not surprise your toddler this year with the greatest superhero gift? The SuperMe backpack is a versatile, fully functional backpack with a cape, superhero eye mask and a patch that can be personalized with your own unique super hero name! On Halloween, the SuperME backpack will not only be a one-of-a-kind superhero costume but it will also safely hold and hide the candy you receive, beneath the cape. The backpacks are made out of environmentally friendly, insulating EVA to keep all the precious cargo away from damage and by “precious cargo” we mean the snacks and the drinks you may need to carry while your little superhero collects all his or her candy on Halloween. Superheroes need refreshments when they’re out saving the world… or trick-or-treating. Purchase a few for the whole family and become a Super Family like “The Incredibles” over-night by personalizing the patch included on the SuperME backpack with the family initials or something like “G-TEAM”.

The SuperME backpacks win 1st place because each toddler is granted the kind of superhero gear that they can wear everyday! Halloween may come to end but your little superhero doesn’t have to put his or her costume away. SuperME backpacks have a pocket where the cape and eye mask can be hidden through out the school day. When the afternoon bell rings, the superhero transformation begins by pulling the cape out and placing the mask on.

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