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SuperME Backpack – The Perfect Gift For Toddlers

October 2014 | Ivan Vargas

Because Your Little Superhero Deserves it

The toddler years are an exhilarating stage for both, children and parents. It is the foundation of childhood, a time when parents begin to see how remarkable being a part of a child’s formative years can be. After they learn how to walk, talk, swim… they begin to understand the world from an individual perspective. While they’re learning the ABC’s and the 123’s, they are also starting to learn about their own identity.

They’re gaining a sense of self and they no longer want mommy to spoon feed dinner to them because, “Hello Mom! I am a big kid now.” And to some extent, these achievements displaying independence should be rewarded. It’s a beautiful process to observe as a parent – one moment your little one is being rocked to sleep and the next they’re expressing their individuality. These are truly the most memorable moments of a child’s life.

As deserving as your toddler may be, gifts can be slippery slope. You don’t want to spoil them (although, as parents, we all secretly do) but you want them to feel that they’re appreciated and that their effort never goes unnoticed. So why not surprise your little super star with a special gift that will not only stay out of the closet collecting dust after a few months, but will also stimulate your child’s individuality, creativeness and imagination.

This holiday season, the SuperME backpack will be a gift that gives your toddler the freedom to become whoever he or she may want to be. With the sewn in cape and included eye mask, kids all over the globe will be ringing in the New Year feeling empowered. The backpack is also made out of eco-friendly, insulating EVA (Neoprene). When spring comes rolling in, you can set up a picnic date with your little superhero and the SuperME backpack will safely hold all of your child’s favorite Lunchables and refreshing drinks!

The SuperME backpack is the perfect gift for toddlers because it simultaneously serves as a fully functional backpack and a fun way to dress up as your own superhero. If anyone influences your children more than you, it would probably be the superheroes they are fascinated by. Why? Because superheroes symbolize courage, strength, independence and perseverance; all the qualities we want our children to discover within themselves. We want our children to know that they, too, have the power to be magnificent and legendary in every way.

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