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Things we loved at ABC Kids Expo.

October 2012 | Ivan Vargas

We just returned from the ABC Kids Expo, the largest show of new products for babies, children and mothers.  It was an eventful, and a bit tiring 4 days.  While we were there to exhibit SuperME, we did manage to find time to check out the cool new things from other companies.  Here are 6 of our favorite new things we found at the show.

  1. Long Pond Company, – Sweetest baby gifts and toys like blocks, books and step stools from the sweetest little old couple in upstate New York.  They HAND-MAKE everything.  She does the drawings, he builds them.  By Hand! All the pictures are based on their kids, pets, friends, neighbors.  Autographed alphabet books for our kiddos!  Amazing quality.  We fell in love with their character Carlo the Frog.


  2. Ogosport,– A great line of fun lightweight toys with great design features making them super-easy to use, great for park, beach or backyard play and cool line of building toys called BILD.  They are all about designing products that encourage active play.  We had a great time playing with surprisingly lightweight OgoDisks during down times at the show.


  3. Girls Look Cute, – Life-sized paper doll, technically made of wood, but wood doll doesn’t sound as good.  They are promoting them as a way to help girls plan their outfits and get dressed in the morning. This pink backpack looks great!.


  4. Neon Tiki Tribe,– A new line of super-positive superhero books. What we really love is that they use a dyslexic font that has been specially designed to make reading easier for dyslexic children, important because 1 in 10 children struggle from dyslexia.


  5. Mixie baby bottles, – Baby bottles that can be put together where the formula is mixed in later. We both loved this is wonderful for travel, taking to the park, whatever!  Wish they had these when our kids were younger.


  6. These are easy-to-assemble cardboard playhouses that kids can decorate. Even we could assemble in less than 5 minutes. Kids get to color on it. Double-sided.  We think it’s a great option to entertain the kids in bad weather days when they can’t go out and play.

Do you like these products?, which one is your favorite?.  Leave us a comment.

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