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Thank You from SuperME

November 2013 | Ivan Vargas

It is celebration time here at SuperME, as we mark our very first year. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible, and from the bottom of our hearts we would like to say Thank you!

It was in October of last year that we launched SuperME. Our brand went from being unknown of to being a hit brand that online publications and the press hail and stores title as a must have best seller!

With Thanksgiving here it is the best time to thank each and every one of you and let you know how much you are appreciated and beloved.

  • Thank you to all the press coverage, this includes the bloggers, the TV shows and the magazines that have chosen to cover our brand and help tell our story. You all did such an amazing job of sharing our brand and we would like to say thank you.  Each one of you offered a different perspective of our brand and our products that enabled consumers to really get to know us and what we are all about.
  • Thank you to all our wonderful retailers who sell our bags every day and call in to order and reorder soon after. It’s always a great pleasure talking to you. Do you realize that we now have nearly 100 stores in the US and Canada? And will soon have more stores in many more locations around the world.  You help us reach our goals and get our products out there.
  • Thank you to all our devoted sales reps. those who have been with us throughout the year and those who have just recently joined the team. You are an integral part of the SuperME family and share our success.
  • Thank you to Dr. Toy and the Huffington Post for choosing us as the ‘Best Travel Product of 2013’. We cannot even begin to tell you how excited and honored we were to receive this prestigious award. This honor acknowledges our products and helps parents discover our products.
  • Thank you to our partnering family-owned factory in Taiwan. We send our thanks to those who work hard to produce our amazing quality bags. You are certainly a great partner to work with and we couldn’t thank you more for making each bag with lots of love, attention and care.
  • But most important !!! Thank you so much for all the little superheroes that are enjoying our bags you are our #1 ambassadors in the USA, as well as around the globe in places like Asia, Canada, Australia, South America, Middle East and South America.

We love to receive your photos and notes telling us how much you adore your SuperME bag. It is all of you that make us feel so great and work hard day after day; you are the reason we strive to reach new heights and continue to invent and design new products just for you!

Thanksgiving is here, and all of us here at SuperMe want to send the best of holiday wishes to you and your family. It is that special time of the year, so what better time to send out all of our heartfelt thank you wishes to those who have made this year possible for us?

Also, keep in mind that we are having an amazing sale that you will not want to miss out on. It is our once a year colorful Friday blowout sale and it has some impressive deals you cannot miss. If you want to get in on these deals be sure that you keep your eye on our Facebook page.

In the meantime you can also contact us by email regarding information on this sale, as well as to send us all of your suggestions, photos and news. It means more than anything to hear from you and to know that we are helping to make a difference in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from the SuperME family!

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