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Shake your bones in Halloween.

October 2012 | Ivan Vargas

A few days ago, we shared with our SuperME friends an easy craft idea for Halloween: cat ears. As we were playing with felt, we thought it would be great to do something more challenging. And Daphne came up with this idea: Bones, the skeleton!.

You need:

  • Black t-shirt and pants.
  • White soft felt.
  • Adhesive fabric like this one.


  • Draw the bones on paper. Cut the bones out of the paper and use them to draw the bones on the felt and the adhesive fabric.
  • Simplify the process by drawing a tibia for arms and legs, the rib cage and the pelvis.
  • Cut the bones out of the felt, and cut the silhouette out of the adhesive fabric slightly narrower than the felt silhouette.
  • Iron the white felt bones to the black fabric with the adhesive fabric in between following the instructions of the adhesive fabric.

And now, shake your bones!

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