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Flying with kids?

November 2012 | Ivan Vargas

SuperME cool backpacks are great travel companions for toddlers to kindergartners, like these two girls with their pink backpacks, the Bubblicious.

Don’t forget to put some essentials in their own backpacks: an empty bottle of water to refill after the security control, some snacks and something to play with like crayons, coloring pages, play dough, little cars or small dolls are great options to keep them busy. Colorful post-it notes are a fun, multi-purpose toy. Young ones like peeling off the sheets and crumpling them. Slightly older ones like using them to draw, practice their letters and numbers.

They carry the traditional toys to play with while you carry the electronics. A laptop, iPad or iPod will grab their attention when they are done with their toys.

In addition to toys, we like to pack a spare clothes, including a sweatshirt and extra underwear in their backpacks.  Between flight delays and packed planes, its always better to be prepared.

What are the essentials you never forget to pack when you are going to fly with your little ones?

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