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Birthday Party!

September 2012 | Ivan Vargas

Birthday parties here and there, birthdays parties everywhere!! But this its time is your turn, we mean your little one’s turn and you want to make this event super special. It doesn’t matter if you are a crafty mom, a DIY mom or a working mom, you are probably super-busy and always on the lookout for easy birthday party ideas.

So here are some pictures and fun ideas we used recently for Superhero themed birthday parties.

Party banner to welcome all our friends:

Keep the kids busy with fun competitions like Superhero flight, aka ‘who can jump the farthest’.

Ask little Superheros to show, not tell, all about their latest exciting adventures.

Delight the guests with a raffle. Some prizes big, like this cool backpack, some prizes small, big smiles for all!

Little Superhero flying high in the sky. Later use as a thank you note.

Its not a party without a Superhero cake!, want a slice?

Tell us what you think, what are your creative party ideas?

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