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A Halloween recipe

October 2012 | Ivan Vargas

Less than three weeks to go until Halloween. It is time to share activities, ideas and decorations to get into the Halloween mood. Boooo!

This is a suggestion for a Halloween recipe, something without sugar, something creepy. Try this slime recipe. It is a borax free recipe which uses corn starch. The result of the recipe is a gooey substance which will creep on your kids hands, even toddlers can play with it. It is a bit messy, but don’t panic, some water wash out any rest of the slime on clothes, furniture or hands. So we recommend making the recipe and playing with it outdoors. And when they are done, just keep the slime in a container/bag to keep it moist.

1 cup of warm water.
Food coloring.
2 cups of cornstarch.

Use warm water to better dissolve the cornstarch. Hot water from the tap is warm enough for this purpose.
Add the cornstarch a little at a time, and blend the mixture until smooth. You can use cooking utensils or your hands. And kids will be happy of giving you a hand.
Add the food coloring. Let your kids be creative choosing the color or stick to the orange for Halloween.
If you think the slime is too runny, just add a little more of cornstarch, or more warm water if the slime is too thick.

A special trick? add smell to the slime with some spice powder like cinnamon, clove or cardamom.

Enjoy this recipe and don’t forget to share your comments.

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