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10 Most Wanted Christmas Presents of the Season

December 2013 | Ivan Vargas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means it is time to fill those Holiday wishes for all of the little heroes on your holiday list. With all those amazing different options on the market these days we thought it will be great if we can come to the rescue and offer you some options that we believe are great educational  toys that offer more and enhance  creative play and thinking.

Holidays at Super Me

Here at Super Me we are keeping busy this holiday season and ensuring that every little superhero out there receive their bags just on time for the big day. To help you add those extra cool items to stuff our bags with we are sharing with you a list of 10 top items that were all chosen by the as part of their 24 Best Toys of 2013 holiday shopping guide

1. Cape Backpacks

On top of our list surprisingly are our SuperME cape backpacks!!! Our awesome backpacks are not only functional; they are also a lot of fun for your little superhero who is always on the go.


And its not just us saying this, take it from the They consider these backpacks to be one of the best educational toys for kids of the year, and so much more.

“SuperMe backpacks are cool and stylish. The fact that it transforms into a superhero cape by pulling the hidden cape out of the pocket makes it a cool backpack of epic proportion.”

2. Snaggy Head Sleeping Bags

The Snaggy Head Sleeping bags From Pottery Barn the #2 spot on our top 10 list. These cool and comfy sleeping bags are great for sleepovers and camping, with cool Snaggy heads on the outside for a great touch of character.

3. Whipe Out Dry Erase helmets

These awesome helmets encourage creativity and inspire your child all while keeping them safe on their bikes.  The customizable helmets are Dual Certified for safety, with each set including 5 dry erase non-toxic markers in fun neon colors as well as a stencil kit. There are three sizes of helmets, all of which are Dual Certified for bike and skate.

4. Lego Friends School

The Lego Heartlake High School is a great gift for the little girl or boy in your life who loves to build. Matthew and Stephanie are the characters included with this set. Comes with a bag, laptop, microscope and more. This is a realistic set that encourages learn and endless amounts of play. There are three ways to build the school so the possibilities never stop. This is one of the educational toys for kids sure to be a hit with all little ones on your list.

5. Little Passport

Little Passports is a gift that keeps on giving. Each month your child receives a new kit in the mailbox. These kits help them follow Sofia and Sam’s destinations around the world. The kits are filled with tons of stuff, including activities and access to online activities. This is a great educational toy that helps your child learn more about the world around them. It is one of the beset educational toys for kids this year, as it offers inspiration and vision into history, culture, language and more will while providing kids a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

6. My Tape Town

My Tape Town is a great play set for boys and girls. Made by ALEX, this set enables children to create their own cityscape with tapetastic toys. With easy-to-tear tape with buildings, roads, trees, cars and more, it is easy for little ones to create various landscapes and use their imagination to create endless hours of play time fun.

7. Lego City Grand Prix Truck

The Lego City Grand Prix truck is a great toy with old-fashioned charm. The truck can easily be built and opened with a great trailer and a super-fast Formula race car waiting inside. A driver is included in the set, and tools, a pit crew and a toolbox are included. This realistic play set is good for all ages. 3 minifigures are included.

8. Hovercraft Air Steam Machines

This is one of the cool Science toys for kids that you will want to have for your little one underneath the tree. You can easily build working hovercrafts which work on floors and water. Not only can you have hours of play time fun, you can also learn more about Science, including how air still supports planes despite it being invisible, how propellers work and more. There are tons of construction ideas available with this set. It includes a total of 59 pieces.

9. Horse Stable

If your little one enjoys horses, this incredible horse stable is a highly recommended product to purchase. Watch as their eyes light up as they unwrap this set! This suffices as outdoor toys for kids and it can be used inside too. It is great for all ages, and contains a pretend barn with wooden stalls for 8 horses. The toy horses are included. The stable has some pretty awesome features on it, including swinging stable door.

10. Dream Lites Minis

These charming characters are an awesome gift idea for all ages. These pets turn an ordinary room into a magical star-filled sky, complete with LED lights that glow without getting heated. The pets are cute, comfortable and adorable and are easy to move for travel.

Those are 10 great toys, all of which you can find recommended from we certainly appreciate being chosen as one of the contenders for this spot, especially considering the many great toys that are out there. Now get on out there and enjoy your holiday season!

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